Improving wireless coverage in home using wireless repeater bridge

Do you have problem with WIFI signal coverage in home? You have good signal strength is some areas of home and flaky signal in other parts.  Poor wireless signal strength results in slow data speed and lost connections. In this section I will show you how to improve signal coverage in home by adding one  more router […]

Wireless routers with wireless bridge or wireless repeater functionalities

Most of the commonly available wireless router for home use do not come with wireless bridge capabilities. That means they can not be connected with other wireless routers with out wires. This page contains list of wireless routers which support connecting to other wireless routers through wireless link. Most people use these routers to connect […]

Selecting Wireless Routers and Wireless Bridges

Many homes have several network devices that need to connected to a common network to share the data between them and the internet connection. If home is not network ready or wired with Ethernet cat5 cables then connecting two wireless routers is the best cost effective solution. A home network can be setup without physical […]