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  1. Hello,

    I recently read your article “Connecting two wireless routers.” Thank you so very much for this clear and detailed guide. I was able to wirelessly bridge a linksys wrt54g2 (stock firmware) and an asus 520gu running dd-wrt. Your guide could not have been clearer. Although I ran into a minor hiccup (had to add the asus’ wireless mac to the gateway’s mac filter), this was easily fixed.

    This task had been a challenge since I bought the asus a few months ago. Today, I have finally overcome what seemed like an impossible task.

    Thank you so much.

  2. I was looking for advice on extending my wireless network. I’ve a LinksysE4200 and it only covers 60% of the house. A neighbor has a linsys router w/ no security oj it that provides a strong signal in parts of the house. I’ve tried using the E4200 as the primary router (where CableModem signal comes in) and then using a Netgear Powerline 200 adapter to provide a line connection to a 2nd Linksys router in another part of the house. The 2nd (child router) is using the same SSID as parent and I tried to cut off the DHCP reset from this router.
    The solution seemed to work at first, but then slows down as my devices seem to get confused and don’t reset very well.

    Can you advise on how to fix or alternate solution?


  3. What do you mean by dhcp reset. Just disable the dhcp server from the second router so that you have only one hdcp server in the household. Configure the second router as a bridge , not as a router. This router just forwards the traffic from the clients connected to it to the main router. The router should have an option to configure as a bridge.

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  4. How do you explain the approximately 100 really poor reviews on this product at I know is is only about 10% of the total and there are many very hihly rated reviews, but it seems as though folks are talking about 2 differnt products.

    Cisco-Linksys WRT54GL Wireless-G Broadband Router

    I have an old Intel Gateway Wireless II and I need better coverage throughout the hosue. It seems based on your article I can use this router to extend my range of coverage. Is this correct?



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  6. Sir,
    Today i read configure internet gateway router guide. My old router is dlink-dir600l and IP address When i change IP- Dlink login page not opeing. My new router is DD-WRT IP I can’t understand how to connect two routers together.Please kindly guide me.
    ThanQ Sir.

  7. Excellent article!. I have been looking for such a great guide for home networing. I have some sort of doubt about networking.
    1. Is it really possible to stream Blu-ray content from one cluster to another? If not, how will I achieve it?
    2. Can I use Linksys wrt 1900ac as main router? And please explain the network architecture.
    3. How will I introduce 10 IP cameras(h264,5fps,1mp,outdoor, wifi preferred) to the network?

    I expect your reply very soon. Thank in advance.

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