Adding new Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter to Existing Powerline Network

For Streaming of HD Media to PS3/XBOX from PC located at remote location in the house you need a home network with good speed.  Most homes do not have Ethernet lines running through every room in the house. Powerline Homeplug using homes existing electrical, is a good choice to extend home network.

This section will show you how to add new Powerline HD Ethernet adapter to your existing Powerline Ethernet Network to extend network connectivity to another room.  After the setup is completed you will have a high speed home network with three powerline AV Adapters as shown in the picture below. I am assuming that you already have a powerline network setup with two power line adapter and you are trying to add the third adapter.

Homeplug AV Network of 3 Powerline Adapters

Homeplug AV Network of 3 Powerline Adapters

If you want to learn how to use Powerline Ethernet for home networking  go to Using Powerline Ethernet for Home Networking.

Assuming that you have already connected two rooms using Adapter A and Adapter B and you want  to add Powerline AV adapter C to extend your network. Follow the instructions below to connect adapter C. instructions may vary depending on the manufacturer of the adapter. Follow the instructions in the instruction manual. There just general instructions.

  • First make sure that Connection between A-B is working and secured with Encryption.
  • Press Encrypt button on Adapter A and Adapter B for about 10-15 sec.
  • Press Encyypt button of A and B for about 2 secs. Make sure that you complete this operation within 102 secs.
  • For exact instruction follow your adapters user guide.

If your Powerline Adapters come with build in Ethernet bridge you can connect all of your devices to the Ethernet ports. If you have simple adapter as shown in the picture, you will need Ethernet switch to connect multiple devices.

After the connection are  completed, measure the bandwidth of your connections using steps given here .

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